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Finding a Church in Another Country

Len and I belong to the Church of England.

n the years that we have lived in America we have been to so many churches of all denominations to find one that fits our needs.

In the immediate area of New Port Richey, Florida, and surrounding area we really do not have any Anglican churches. It was suggested to us that we check out the Episcopalian church. We found a very small congregation of 10 people using a Lutheran church to worship. This wasn’t what we were used to.

From here we went to Unity, which is a non-denomination, church. We stayed with the church on and off, but the main reasons for trying others was that they didn’t display the cross in church and didn’t recite the Lord’s Prayer.

I am a caregiver and started going to a Lutheran church with one of my clients. This was a small church and the people were reasonable friendly.

Upon losing my lady we went with friends to the Calvary Worship Center. This was like walking into a stadium with the fans joining in. The music was so loud that it made a thumping in my heart and hurt my ears. The Minister was casually dressed and talked about drinking, drugs, and his wicked life before he found Jesus. The choir was over a hundred and they had rock groups on the stage. This really wasn’t our cup of tea as we were brought up to be quiet in church and respectful.

Finally we found Westminster Presbyterian Church

The pluses are it looks like a church, the Minister is clothed like he should be, we have a proper service, and the hymns we sing are what I was brought up with.

Fifteen minutes before the service the choirmaster comes to the front and we get to choose hymns to sing. I love all the old English ones and this is the only church I get to sing them.

The service runs for about an hour, apart from the first Sunday in the month when we have communion. The people here have kind of adopted us. They come over and welcome us and are always checking on my husband’s health. They even phone to check on us.

We have been attending this church for about 5 years now and feel very comfortable there.

We had a huge move from England to Florida so it was much harder for us to find a church. If you are moving to a new area don’t give up if the first church doesn’t meet your needs. Just keep going until you find one that is the perfect fit. You don’t have to become a member of that religion you just have to believe in God and yourself. What you feel in your heart is all that matters.